What We Do

We are a pet setting service that provides only the most exceptional services. We are based out of Surrey, Canada and servicing the Greater Vancouver Area*

Our Story

We were looking for someone to cat sit for us when we couldn’t find many businesses who met our high, high standards. We started this company to provide the same level of services that we demand for our pets.

We often refer to our cats as our little ladies. That’s where the name “The Lady Sitter” comes from.

Who We Are

Sabrina, owner, is a full time legal assistant and a full time animal lover. Sabrina has 2 cats – one named Mr. Cat and the other named Sweet Pea. In Sabrina’s spare time, Sabrina likes to read books, watch classic tv shows like “Friends” and “The Office”, and work on her food blog http://www.sabrinasinclair.ca


  • $15.00 for each 30 minute visit
  • $55.00 for each overnight stay (7:30PM – 7:00AM ~ times are approximate)

*Your location needs to be easily accessible by bus and/or skytrain

Contact Us

To set up a free consult and for all bookings and inquiries, please email us at sabrina-sinclair@outlook.com