Dog Sitting

Dog Sitting Surrey
and Greater Vancouver

Your furry friends are your best companions and cherished members of your family. As such, you want to give them all the love and attention they crave. But we all know that life is busy, and it can be challenging to manage work and other activities, while still making sure your dog is not left alone for too long. A dog sitting service in Surrey or greater Vancouver is just what you need.

When you spend long days at work, you need a drop in visit for your dog to provide a much-needed break from being alone, fresh food and water, and some outdoor time.  If you will be away for a weekend or a vacation you’ll need a dog sitter to stay with your pet to give the same care and attention you would.  Regardless of your requirements, we would be thrilled to spend time with your canine companion.

We are experienced dog sitters in Surrey and greater Vancouver, and we love dogs of all breeds, sizes, and personalities. We would love to get to know your dog(s) and we will do our best to give them the kind of attention they need. Some dogs like to run and play, while others just want to be talked to, soothed, and petted.

We are fully insured* and proudly certified in Canine First Aid, so you can feel confident that your dogs are in safe hands.

*We can only accept clients who have 5 or fewer pets due to our insurance policy.

Dogs are social animals, so long periods of time spent alone can be stressful. They need love, attention and exercise to keep them happy and of course, they need potty breaks. When you can’t be there yourself to meet their needs, you can trust us to give your pet the care and affection they deserve.

Check our availability and contact us today to schedule your dog sitting service. We look forward to meeting you and your beloved canine pals.

Our Packages

30 minute visit
We visit, feed, and exercise your pet,
or check on your home
*GST not included
Overnight Stay
We spend the night to keep your pet
company and/or your home safe
*GST not included
Small Pet Boarding
We board small pets in
cages or aquariums
(not water-filled).